Xining push the most stringent dust control measures

in order to promote the comprehensive management of air pollution, the city construction, urban management, environmental protection, real estate and other 4 departments joint law enforcement, not in place of dust control measures in the process of demolition, demolition work will be halted, on the construction work is not standardized, the construction units will be in the industry to be informed by a number of stringent measures strictly the construction site dust pollution control.

it is understood that in the future demolition units in the demolition process, the demolition work is not standardized, dust prevention measures are not in place, the real estate sector to suspend the demolition work, the urban management department shall not handle the formalities of removal. Dust pollution caused serious by the real estate sector to inform, and restrict its future engaged in the demolition of the project, the impact of the poor by the construction sector to revoke its construction qualification, clear the construction market.

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