Qinghai and Chengdu signed 4 billion 200 million investment large single

The reporter learned from the provincial Commission by letter, held recently at the fifteenth session of the Chinese western international exposition, characteristics and advantages of the province industry, deep processing of agricultural and sideline products and cultural tourism and other 12 major projects to attract investment in Chengdu’s favor, I successfully signed a total investment of 4 billion 280 million yuan in the 4 economic and technological cooperation projects. It is understood that, with the help of the Expo platform to expand outreach in our province, to attract more strategic partners to invest in Qinghai, the construction of Qinghai Province, my delegation around the exhibition ", innovation to lead the development of reform and opening up the future" theme, actively participate in the construction of Silk Road Economic Belt, vigorously promote the "three zone" construction achievements, characteristics industry development and investment environment, showcasing new material and biomedicine industry characteristics and advantages of industrial and agricultural products deep processing, tourism and other 12 major categories of more than 50 kinds of products. The Expo, our province outstanding investment promotion, technology exchange, project negotiation and other investment activities focus on planning, involving new energy, new materials, equipment manufacturing, oil and gas chemical industry and modern service industry in 9 areas, a total investment of 31 billion 883 million yuan of 50 key investment projects, and Chengdu investors to negotiate further docking eventually led to the 4 economic and technological cooperation projects with a total investment of 4 billion 280 million yuan, mainly involving new materials, equipment manufacturing and modern service industries. Through participation in regional technical cooperation, and further expand the results of investment.  

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