Xining City the real environmental law reporting prize

let the sky more blue, the air is more fresh is the dream of every one of us, for the air pollution control a force is the responsibility of every citizen. Recently, the north of the city to strengthen social supervision, the development of a series of measures to protect the environment, to encourage people to jointly protect the environment.

it is understood that the North District has developed a "reward measures" Chengbei district to report environmental violations, clear environmental violations reporting channels, reward object, reward and reward amount, etc. 16 items of confidentiality. Informants can by telephone, website, WeChat and mail to the real name or anonymous form North District Environmental Protection Bureau reported north area of various types of environmental violations, illegal sewage report must provide the name and address of the enterprise, illegal behavior and other basic information.

where in the north of the territory, including the illegal discharge of industrial wastewater, waste gas and dust, sewage enterprises pollutant treatment facilities in normal use or unauthorized removal, outage, idle pollutant treatment facilities, illegal transfer or collection, storage and disposal of hazardous waste, emissions, natural gas pipe network within the coverage area of the boiler black smoke, tobacco etc. 13 types of environmental violations, environmental violations to report verified by the environmental protection department, and make administrative punishment, to give an informer 100 yuan -500 yuan reward according to the provisions.

According to the

report on the facts of the case evidence, investigation and degree of the reporting unit degree of harm to the environment, or for reporting and avoid major pollution damage to the environment, the City Environmental Protection Bureau in charge of the leadership of the proposal, to give more than 500 yuan to 5000 yuan reward for informants.


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