How much does it cost to invest in dessert

dessert although eating more will make your body shape, but the amount of desserts not only to meet your taste buds on the demand, more can bring on a happy mood, make your smile more charming. Then open a dessert shop is not just a simple venture so simple, to a higher degree to meet the needs of the public spirit. Dessert to choose what to choose the project is better. Full record dessert with its unique product features and taste advantages in many desserts to become unique, by the majority of diners sought after and recommended.

how much does it cost to invest in dessert?

ten years ago, five high school classmates and friends to have decades of history, a dessert shop recommended to the world in 1995, the first full food store in Hongkong was born in Xigong. Due to the production of sophisticated, variety, good taste, quickly recognized by the market, cultivating a large number of loyal fans of the brand. At present, full of food in central Hongkong, West City, Mong Kok, Kwun Tong, Tongluowan and other popular Tsim Sha Tsui has opened more than and 10 chain stores, to become the market leader.

honeymoon dessert to join the obvious advantages, more is to allow businesses to see potentially unlimited business opportunities! How much is the dessert jiamengfei full? This has become many investors want to understand the problem, the next Xiaobian detailed introduce


full record dessert investment costs between 10-20 million, the specific costs need to be based on the size of the investment and the size of the city store.

full dessert dessert to join the following two main ways:

franchise mode: join the owner to open the full record of the dessert shop full investment costs, and responsible for their own site selection, franchisee business management, self recruitment shop management and operations staff. Full dessert headquarters to provide guidance services, and to assist in the opening of the preparatory work.

managed join: joining self honeymoon dessert shop all shop fees and is responsible for the site, commissioned honeymoon dessert franchise headquarters directly leading management headquarters dispatched store management personnel, and provide the responsibility of decoration design, personnel training, support and assist with dessert stores opening, franchisees need to pay full certain management fees based desserts.

for the franchisee, headquarters to provide full support and protection, make it easier to succeed! Honeymoon dessert for you to join the obvious advantages, the headquarters of the franchisee to provide a range of specialist location, decoration guidance, business guidance and marketing planning, logistics, technology development and so on, the maximum. To protect the fundamental interests of the franchisee’s song.

above is a simple introduction to the full investment in dessert, hope for

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