Four no girl open hand jewelry shop for seven years registered brand

modern girls for creative handmade jewelry has been favored, so the girl did not have any entrepreneurial experience aimed at the market, relying on 5000 venture capital funds, began his long entrepreneurial path.

Hero: Liu Xiaomei

: handmade jewelry business

it is difficult to see Liu Xiaomei, with her business fashion jewelry store manual together. The 80 girls smiled and said he was a "four products", no appearance, no body, no education, no background. But it is such a seemingly without any competitive advantage in the foreign girl, but he just borrowed a lot of aggressive, started to 5000 yuan for the bracelet, have their own brand in 7 years. How did she grow up from scratch,


time back to 7 years ago. At that time, Liu Xiaomei had just graduated from college, looking for a job repeatedly rebuffed. Not because education is not enough, because it is too short, we see the employer. Seeing other students have found the cause of home, Liu Xiaomei secretly anxious.

The boss has started seeing

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