Top ten brands of umbrellas

China’s geographical location, so that the umbrella has been used in a lot of time, so that the entire umbrella market is also a very rapid development. The use of what kind of umbrella is better, has been a concern of consumers. Xiaobian summary of multi statistics and user feedback to provide you with the umbrella of the top ten brands list for consumers to understand the umbrella brand as a reference.

umbrella top ten brands list: Paradise

paradise umbrella by Hangzhou paradise umbrella group production of domestic famous brand umbrella. Including umbrella, sun umbrella, straight umbrella, two folding umbrella, seventy percent off umbrella, four folding umbrella, advertising umbrella, parasol court, sunshade, beach umbrella, craft umbrella and other varieties. Light is paradise umbrella and new, strong, beautiful and well known, product quality and technology in the national leading position in the automotive industry, enjoyed a high reputation in the domestic market.

Hangzhou paradise umbrella group Co. Ltd is one of the largest professional umbrella companies, more than 20 years, and all levels of government in guiding the party’s reform and opening up policy support, the development of enterprises has been steady, has 6 subsidiaries, 2 holding enterprises, 5100 employees.

company covers an area of 520 mu, with the umbrella, raincoat, lock three production bases and mechanical equipment manufacturing base, and are planning to build a production base for export. Companies in the brand, quality, technology, market, scale and efficiency, has a fairly stable strength, has won a number of national and provincial and municipal honorary title. Have made important contributions to the local economic construction.

umbrella ten brands list of the top second: Plum

susino Limited by Share Ltd (formerly Jinjiang Da Shun umbrella Co., Ltd.) was founded in September 22, 1995, is a professional engaged in a comprehensive enterprise umbrella development, design, production, processing and sales. Is China’s leading enterprises export umbrella. In December 28, 2005, the company shareholding system reform. The company was renamed susino Limited by Share Ltd. "Plum blossom (SUSINO)" is a registered trademark of the company’s umbrella products.

"plum blossom" brand umbrella located in the "small plum umbrella, warm the world", for the people of all ethnic groups around the world to provide a caring, warm way of life. Always face the mass consumer market. Create a strong light umbrella brand products. "Plum umbrella" brand sales to the United States of Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, Nigeria, South Korea, Taiwan and other more than and 150 countries and regions. The company has entered the ranks of the world’s production and export of umbrellas.

2005 in August 22nd, the Fujian provincial economic and Trade Commission identified below susino Limited by Share Ltd Technical Center for Fujian.

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