How to use WeChat to do marketing you know

believe that everyone has a cell phone, there is a cell phone, then basically have the phone WeChat such software, the use of WeChat to do marketing, can be said to be the best marketing. But many entrepreneurs do not know how to do? In response to this problem, the channel made a detailed analysis of small series, along with Xiaobian look at it.

entrepreneurial shop can not be separated from the marketing, and now many of the software market is the old version of the previous marketing model, phone + SMS marketing model. Success rate is not low, but also disturb the customer’s life, affecting the customer turnover rate.

business era nowhere advertising, there is a place where there is marketing, because of this, more and more micro marketers appear, people started to buy and sell in the circle of friends of WeChat, the use of the public platform to do marketing. A greedy face greedy face to join the franchise, tell you how to use WeChat to do marketing with their own experience.

old buyers into the WeChat platform up

open a greedy face stores, in the background of export orders a month to record the information of buyers, retained the name and telephone number, and then through the QQ communication form into the WeChat QQ bound book, upload mobile phone book backup communication security assistant in WeChat cloud communications.

this time, you can use WeChat to add a mobile phone contacts to add friends, you can add unlimited, Tencent official will not limit the number of friends you add. Suggest that each time the verification of the buyer’s name on the note, which will improve the success rate. This method can go to the shop to buy things of greedy face customers into the WeChat platform.

with WeChat circle of friends to do the old customer marketing

use the circle of friends released greedy surface promotion information and recommend new shop. A greedy face stores, every day is the best release information, at the same time not disorderly, gradually let buyers used every day to pay attention to your information at a certain time, don’t spam, day three or four is better, so as not to disturb people caused by black.

use the circle of friends to engage in some activities of a prize competition, some greedy face indirect implantation of product information, which achieves the purpose of interaction, and to join the product advertised greedy face. Often involved in the recall to give prizes Oh, who likes to point a small profit, hey hey.

often use WeChat and old customers private chat, or build group chat, increase interaction. They can also help more publicity, get more people’s attention.


is a good marketing tool, it is the same as QQ private chat, group chat, like the micro-blog forum can share, seckill a series of marketing tools recommended

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