How to minimize the risk of investment and

many people love of calligraphy and painting, who is in the pursuit of art, one is to create value, then how can the risk of big investment to minimize this |?

A: I play collection was started in 2003, started late, but also to seize some opportunity. Three years ago, it is China’s stock, real estate, art market, like the beginning of a miracle, I am determined to collect the famous painter, Guangzhou Acmdemy of Fine Arts professor Liu Jirong nearly three hundred works. Up to now, I have collected more than 400 works of famous landscape painter and Professor Hao Hejun of Guangzhou Acmdemy of Fine Arts. The old artist has become a scarce resource for art investment.

A: by western capital until the millions and tens of yuan price of young China in contemporary oil painting, is now fully collapse. Some young artists. Painting teacher, teacher’s teacher price is much higher, which may be the work of ten years, twenty years after the value of what investment? Some simply not enough on the professional level, the use of official or media do not understand the art, boast international level or masters and masters level, is almost palpable lies. But this part of the "artist" earned a lot of money, the boss wants to reduce the risk, there are professionals when the staff, squeezed water, can have the strength and distinctive personal artistic style, in the painting line, the price has not been fooled painter.

A: in my experience, specifically, the short-term may not want to make money for two or three years, five to ten years of midline value five times, more than ten years of long-term appreciation ten times. Twenty years ago who collected GuanShanYue, Li Xiongcai, Liu Dawei, Yang Zhiguang and other masters, masters, now up hundreds of times.

A, two hundred thousand yuan, is now the best choice for the less famous, talented young artists, the lowest cost, the expected maximum space. There are 500 thousand yuan, in addition to young artists, available 200 thousand yuan choose carefully established position in the artist painting. There are 1 million yuan, you can use the money to collect the master master 1/3

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