Employment and entrepreneurship in Hangzhou New Deal grants 200 thousand plus 3 years free rent

Hangzhou is also very effective in promoting innovation and entrepreneurship, the latest preferential policies, but also for entrepreneurs who have created a very good entrepreneurial platform, entrepreneurs want to start in Hangzhou, it is necessary to understand.

New Deal to further increase the entrepreneurship support, for different people to be all kinds of policy support.

deal from the occupation training, occupation guidance, training, training three aspects to enhance the development of occupation ability, implement two-way subsidies for participating workers and service agencies. Difficult to enter the human resources market, relying on their own conditions difficult to achieve employment groups, the new deal provides a green channel for employment. College graduates with employment difficulties or family difficulties to give a one-time temporary living allowance, job subsidies, tuition fees and student loans compensatory.

five changes to make the new deal more down to earth

The coverage of

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