Guangdong CPPCC members talk about youth back to Rural Entrepreneurship

is now a "Internet plus" era, can be matched with various elements, behind the "Internet plus plus" such as in the field of entrepreneurship in rural areas, it can be a new mode of "Internet plus agriculture" in the form of a rural entrepreneurship, a new way of agricultural development.

the general office of the State Council recently issued a "guidance" to promote and accelerate the development of rural e-commerce is proposed, to initially built in 2020, unified and open, competitive and orderly, honest and law-abiding, safe and reliable, green rural e-commerce market system, rural e-commerce and rural 123 industry, the depth of integration, and achieved remarkable results in the promotion of farmer employment, develop rural market, promote rural poverty alleviation and development etc..

CPPCC members:

back to the village of rural youth entrepreneurship have a brilliant future

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