How to deal with jewelry store security

for jewelry store operators, shop safety is the top priority. At the end of the year, there will be an increase in the number of criminal cases in the jewelry store and how the jewelry store should be provided with the knowledge that every jewelry store operator and shop staff must possess.

, a sense of responsibility and safety awareness

in the jewelry store safety accidents taking place, there are more than 80% due to Sales Consultant (Sales) of the safety consciousness and the sense of responsibility is not strong in the. Especially the new jewelry store, liars and thieves are generally looking for opportunities for new shopping malls repeatedly Caidian, and the newly opened shop the most attention. They entered the store can see what is experienced, those who be negligent. Our employees own carelessness and omissions let criminals have a chance. So our consultants should be vigilant from open to closed, always have a sense of security.

in business is not particularly busy situation, using one of the best time collocation sales, as one of the main reception, one in the next to do use the service, for customers to pour, seat, so some unscrupulous people no idea can take advantage of the machine. For the purchase of precious goods customers (large carat diamond, high grams of gold, etc.) must be implemented with two people, if necessary, the store manager, the manager should pay attention to. Once found abnormal, tacit cooperation can help defuse the crisis.

three, according to the specification, not hurriedly

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