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many people now have chosen to join the way to start a business, then you know how many common sense to join it? Here, Xiaobian compiled a number of joined the knowledge, I hope to join the venture to choose a friend to help!

the service label authorization to the franchisee, franchisee can let the headquarter’s image, brand, reputation, in the business of the consumer market, to attract consumers. And joined the owners before the venture, the headquarters will also join their own know-how, technology… The experience of Professor, to join the Lord and assist business, both parties must sign a contract to join, in order to achieve the earnings of career for a common goal and cooperation; the headquarter is due to join different to join the main charge and the right to join gold deposit, gold.

join conditions

1. it has a corporate headquarters behind it;

2. it supplies;

3. it updates the product to adapt to the market;

4. it provides guidance and help

5. it guarantees investor returns and reduces investment risk;

6. non blind exploration, quick entry;

7. away from retail business model, with core competitiveness;

8. new model has been recognized by consumers, and the development trend, business opportunities, etc…….

join program

1. read the guide carefully, unknown to the headquarters of the investment advisory inquiry;

2. signed the "contract of intent to join" site selection and evaluation of the market, the assessment of business – with the headquarters of investment advisers to discuss;

3. after the signing of the site, and the headquarters of the formal signing of the "contract"; signed a trademark and technical contracts or agreements, it is best to personally sign a contract or agreement, in order to prevent future disputes.

4. interact with headquarters to complete the decoration, business procedures, and sales staff training;

5. opened the day before to the headquarters of the first batch of products;

6. opened two days before the headquarters to assist the exhibit on display and sales training;

7. opened the day.

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