How to operate a self-service hot pot restaurant

do not know is not related to small series, love to eat buffet delicacy, so if you can eat what you like, the feeling is very cool, self Hot pot is common in our life, for many people, are more love to eat the Hot pot. Open a self-service hot pot shop, business is pretty good, do a good job, but also quite profitable. So, how can we operate a self-service hot pot restaurant?

put the dishes into the small dish plate

is not designed to reduce the amount of food provided, but better to attract customers eye. Reducing the size of the dishes in the premise of the premise of the size of the dishes will seem to have more vegetables. People will have more appetite, but also allow customers to think that this is really generous self-service chafing dish shop. It’s like ice cream, 8 ounces of ice cream in a 4 ounce glass, looks than 10 ounces of ice cream served in 8 ounce glass looks much more, consumers will be more consumer desire.

improve the quality of beverage

in some self Hot pot shop, operators to provide customers free drinks are carbonated beverages, the beverage is relatively easy to swell, but the taste is not very good, many consumers are not satisfied on this point. So, should seize this opportunity, will provide free carbonated beverage store for fruit juice beverage quality and taste are relatively high, according to market research statistics if use this juice beverage cost does not have too much of the rise.

operators can also provide two drinks at the same time, so that consumers have greater choice. Only this reform will allow consumers to feel more comfortable and affordable than other self-service hot pot restaurants.

to ensure the quality of dishes

rich flavor, control product quality, increase the internal satisfaction of the guests dining since is to provide a variety of vegetables for consumer choice, there should be a variety of flavor dishes, convenient to match up, the different tastes of guests each one takes what he needs. Taste different, different flavor, taste more to pursue the typical, authentic, otherwise it is difficult to seize the dining guests soul".

believes that after watching a small series of reports, when we opened stores also have more skill, good self-help business to store many problems Hot pot, we need attention, if you want to open a self-service shop these problems are Hot pot, need to pay attention to. After reading about how to manage the introduction of self-service hot pot shop, I hope you can provide some help.

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