The flower shop promotion is the door to the knowledge society

we know that the market demand for large flowers, is a very good investment options, open a flower shop is the dream of many entrepreneurs. Do not do business promotion, then, how to do the flower shop promotion? Flower sales promotion is the door of knowledge, so business is more fiery.

1. the most simple tricks – discount

it is common to many tricks florists are used for many customers, they seek cheap psychology, some would rather sacrifice their own interests, to arouse the desire of customers to buy, although the techniques seem old-fashioned a little, but should still have a certain effect, and the operation is also very simple. How to open a flower shop promotion? It is worth mentioning that the general people will always think of things at a discount to the quality of some time, if you do it every two or three days discount, it is easy to cause your goods shop customers a lot of impression, then you will probably The loss outweighs the gain.. So, this move never worn out and is best when the holidays used several times, gather popularity also even to the purpose.

2. is the most effective way of delivery

3. –

auto tricks phone calls.

4. the most unashamedly tricks — show flower

now florist flower level is more and more high, for the customer, is undoubtedly very attractive, who do not want to buy their own basket can get some art? Some of their own level of confidence on the floral shop in shop made miniature " flower exhibition; ", they often make some beautiful flowers flowers, placed in the most eye-catching place. A customer into the store, browse >

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