Pig pizza franchise details

many people will have such a question: pizza, after all, is not a traditional Chinese food, really can go deep into the Chinese food market? What is the market prospect of pizza franchise? Which is better to join the project? Look at the following small series to introduce you.

after product introduction for nearly 20 years, pizza tastes, using the method of Chinese has gradually been accepted, the next 20 years, pizza will usher in a peak consumption, it is estimated that there will be billions of market economy scale of a year, is expected within five years of the consumption scale will exceed 10 billion. Join the pizza shop is a good opportunity to be missed.


pig pizza free training, easy money, low investment, simple operation, investment million yuan, you can shop, shop 1-2, 8 square meters, month earnings, three months back to the headquarters, 61 outlets, open a fire.

joined the red pig pizza

join overview:

basic investment: 1.5-5 million

total number of stores: 718

business model: distribution agents to join the chain of direct cooperation with other


1, a variety of delicacy, fully meet the needs of the audience, and no business season.

2, the exclusive secret system, the production of products for the low price of suppliers.

3, low investment threshold, 10 support green nutrition college students entrepreneurship.

4, low cost, quick profit, 7 days without worry shop, can open a shop of 10 square meters.

5, strong operational support, shop to send equipment, sustainable profit throughout the year.

join advantage:

small input: 10 square meters shop stalls business, small occupied area, low rent, store renovation costs less.

no Chef: 1 capable, low operating costs, 1-2 can easily manage, do not cook and the waiter.

need not experience: 3min is out of order, turnover is rapid, not restricted by meal place, the sale is packed, fresh sale, take good to go.

simple operation: standardized operation, standardized formula, process flow, simple operation allows you to easily operate.

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