Teach you the eye to see through the trap of entrepreneurship

business is now the choice of many young people, and in the business on the road, all kinds of problems will emerge in an endless stream, an inattentive will fall down, today will give you to check the entrepreneurs often mistake, teach you to see through the trap of entrepreneurial insight.

a trap: a good idea can make you a lot of money

trap two: things out there will be people with

but although FlowNet can beat any competitor at the technical level, it is in the business suffered a huge defeat. We don’t even sell one. The reason is simple: it is not compatible with LAN standards. If we had done our homework and done market research, we would have known that compatibility, even if not fatal, would be a big problem. So we wouldn’t waste their tens of thousands of dollars in patent applications and prototypes.

trap three: if you do not apply for a patent, others will steal your ideas

in fact no one would think of you are interested in, unless your idea proved to be successful, but to steal scholars too late. That is to say, some people really agree with your idea, but he will naturally choose to cooperate with you, if not, what he does is Wei

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