How much money is needed to Manmao coffee

so a coffee shop, the franchisee can provide the most powerful support, to provide consumers with the best quality of consumer products, to consumption in the Western dessert package to meet customers — Manmao coffee. Give you a simple and warm full of artistic atmosphere of the dining experience, completely subvert the people’s impression of no extravagance and waste heart Western-style food, the restaurant business situation Museum experience.


said: coffee, Lanshan king, Mocha can be called after. Mocha has the world’s most unique and most abundant, the most complex flavor with fragrance and flavor, wild red wine: dry fruit, blueberry, grape, cinnamon, tobacco, sweet spices, wood flavor, and even chocolate flavor. The taste of Mocha coffee is special, the level is changeable, like the woman’s mood, taste slowly when you can experience the feeling from beginning to end will not repeat, change constantly, the more the more tasted like a glass of wine.

most valuable coffee

has two economically important coffees: Arabia coffee beans and East African coffee beans. At high altitude, Arabia coffee grows best, this coffee flavor than other coffee to be much more sophisticated, and the content of caffeine in coffee coffee accounted for all of the weight of the 1%. as indicated by the name. East African coffee mellow taste, strong ability to resist pests and diseases, the yield is very high. This kind of coffee grows at low altitude, bitter taste. Manmao coffee coffee diffuse fusion of two most valuable coffee.

Manmao romantic coffee coffee since founded in 2010, adhere to the same belief: professional, formal, honest and efficient, relying on the service to win market. Committed to the coffee industry in the southwest, is a company specializing in sales of imported series of coffee equipment, coffee equipment, coffee beans, coffee, tea, raw materials of Western ice drink raw material reserves and fruit and other professional commercial bar products and small household, office coffee machine, household appliances and other non commercial gift products, sales and maintenance services the professional services company, professional consulting and training as well as coffee in one of the series of supporting.

Manmao coffee coffee romantic with professional goals, units in home and abroad, well-known imported raw materials and equipment sales service, to provide domestic and international famous products and professional solutions for all types of customers, the most perfect service. The company has professional service force, a collection of training electronics, economic management, catering personnel, has a strong service team, and meet the international well-known brand series of training, service development, and constantly improve the service and its products.

we have professional staff to provide customers with different styles and investment in the security of the area equipment, investment budget, providing free pre bar

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