Small entrepreneurs have a certain amount of money to finance


small entrepreneurs lack of funds and experience enough, struggling with certain capital, often lack financial experience, resulting in a large loss of capital, and some even because of improper financial bust. Here, small series will give you a detailed financial plan.

1. account for your family

should do: set up the family value and effective use of credit account for your own child or university education to prepare charges, or pay off credit card debt.

should not be done: the abuse of your family accounts, a special fund to prepare for the holidays to buy Plasma TV or your inability to pay for the goods.

2. thinking

your financial life automation. You should invest some of your savings in the bank to your mutual fund company or broker. Similarly, to the rational management of your mobile phone costs, you will find that the budget than in the past simple, you no longer have to pay the fines.

3. pursuit of maximizing benefits

4. your taxable income

reduce taxable income, that is to establish a flexible spending account at work. The boss will deduct the pre tax income from your salary, you use the money to pay for medical expenses, including insurance, medical expenses, operating expenses, etc.. Every 1000 dollars can probably make your tax bill by $300. Don’t miss this opportunity, especially in the fall.

14. fixed airline

you buy in the choice of a fixed seat commercial airline, flying in the same airline miles, more cost-effective. Make good use of the number of miles on a plane, and the price of the seat on the US coast line will be very cheap. If you ride 25000 miles, you can get $150 worth of the coast to coast ticket free of charge; and if you ride 100000 miles, you can get the value of   $3000 to European business flights, including part of the hotel cost.

15. credit card annual fee

16. to pay for housing reconstruction fee

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