Might as well try feelings brand to do website promotion

Chinese people always pay attention to the relationship, no matter what the place, there is a relationship between the good things. Never mind, businesslike, spend countless time not to say, do not do well; there is relationship, acquaintances a word explanation, can help you do have to tuotuotietie. A relationship, another big things or do; Never mind, again small things difficult, this is China characteristics.

webmaster network admin5.com has an article from, Taobao and other sites to talk about the emotional marketing, after reading a lot of benefits, emotional marketing is very impressive. The relationship between weight, more feelings, if the feelings of how accurate, use in the promotion, the natural result. The article said that the trust marketing, in fact, is often said that the word of mouth publicity in addition to the expression, the use of the relationship between acquaintances to promote, can change into a passive initiative, the effect of the promotion of natural more effective.

webmaster for website promotion often worry, how to find the effective way? Trust marketing said above is a good way, might as well try "feelings" brand to promote the site, allowing users to take the initiative to accept your website, and the website became regulars.

We often say that the word-of-mouth marketing

, is through the user to tell the user, to achieve viral. If your website, to provide users with a fun and interesting, and requires the user to participate in the activities of their friends together, at this time the user is going to do the spread of free website? And you abruptly spread to other users of your website information, as well as through his familiar friend a simple recommendation.


1 organization voted activities, let the user canvassing.

believes that many websites have organized voting activities, if the user wants to get more votes, will to relatives and friends for votes. Recently A5 forum award held in "webmaster nets" I and the story of the program source code "(voted to start)" activities into the climax, the selection is the result of the essay, the author also received some webmaster "help" information, hope he can vote. I believe there will be webmaster, looking for friends outside the circle to help them vote. Although the vote is not the final result, but after all, we can see the popularity of the article. Canvassing friends to the outside of the circle, but also indirectly publicity website.

2 allows users to bring users to the site.

mentioned on the stone carving of four insurance companies did very badly, as long as there is a user, 3 potential users can develop the remaining. Small A by leaving a small B, small C, small D information to find them, and they will not be excluded in the case, the initiative to accept advertising information, it is possible to reach a cooperation in the chat. Website promotion, we often encounter a site’s warm tips, if you recommend to a friend, you will get much reward, or you can enjoy more concessions, etc.. And this is recommended friends, will look at the friends of the site, the initial goodwill of this site, slowly understand the site. Let the user begin to understand in a better mood

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