Comparison of two methods of common promotion website

recently built a forum for a week, I just add content, no more anxious publicity, Baidu is not included, just two days ago with two different accounts know questions and answers the question in Baidu, the thought great effect. I have high hopes for the advertisement of the mom, because not long ago, A5 read an article written by Ali mother is to buy 100 text ads, I feel so feasible, questions answered in Baidu, I in the mom to buy advertising, of course, buy is the cheapest kind. If you buy expensive, it is not worthwhile.. To buy time to see a lot of Web ads are IP, I suspect, thousands of thousands, thousands of good, a bit of advertising 0.1 yuan a week? At that time did not think, no matter, anyway, a few cents, I bought dozens of advertising.. Feel this should be able to bring a lot of IP bar.. But look at the statistics, I found that those who buy cheap advertising effect is not good, I may not be the reason to choose it, but I did not how to choose ah, I have bought all. Only a very few of the garbage station, I did not buy, like a little bit like I bought. It’s all for a week, and there’s a good one for 4 weeks.. Here are the statistics of yesterday and the day before yesterday…

see it, I inadvertently spent 3 minutes to do a Q & A in, more than Ali spent more than days to buy a mother N advertising effect difference is what.. Estimated that a few IP or the site itself to see what the main point of the fool, I was a silly hat. Ha-ha。 Those two days are a waste of time, it’s better to add more content…. There are a lot of direct access to the site visit, I think this is what I use the QQ2009 version with a friend to add the impression of the bar, free publicity is better than spending money ah. Ha-ha。。 When it comes to this, for the first time to write soft.. Just look at..

advise everyone, really want to advertise on the Ali Mama, buy quality while expensive.. Cheap really bad. This article starts: author QQ:87441242

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