How to use the popular web site promotion

as a webmaster is very important point is to bring traffic to the site, otherwise the site does not stand on the grounds of survival, and naturally there is no hope of profit. So how to make the website promotion method is fast and effective method, using the popular word website promotion is a good method.

today in the search engine Sina search, micro-blog registered in the first row of sina micro-blog own bidding, Sina micro-blog is clearly aware of this, they do not bid if possible Sina micro-blog registered the words in the front row is not it, there may be danger by others or be competitors use, thus losing users. Look at the picture below.


from the above chart can be seen in the fourth place and Sina micro-blog registered a little relationship is not, but it hits every day but it is quite possible. And this type of station is mainly rely on click. Although I am not very much in favor of this method of cheating traffic. But this method is indeed very useful, to provide us with a way of thinking, we can not find our website related to the larger search terms to get a higher quality traffic. It is entirely possible, we can look at some of the top of the list of Baidu and Google hot list to get some of the words we want.

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