The supply and demand function of e-commerce website from micro-blog


from how close you need? The need to open at any time over the wall to twritter? Animation like Sina blog? Need to open your NetEase mailbox? Tencent says no, you only need to click to QQ; when the Internet group gathered micro-blog hall, IT people seem to realize that a new era – the era of micro-blog come.

Tencent can continue micro-blog legend?

where micro-blog; off the reel, to update the function of traditional products surging finally lost the micro-blog of the Internet boom, coming out of the arena, and the Tencent appear in front of users, will be a new micro-blog system (of course, in the wild street view, are actually copying products). No one seems to have suspected every attack Tencent, in the face of a huge user base, the Internet seems to be difficult in the eyes of the mountain seems to be a mountain.

alternative micro-blog thinking – the future of product supply and demand

if micro-blog has become the mainstream of the world, why all the big portals are still in beta stage; analysis of the causes of the wild is not unfamiliar, micro-blog has not yet been approved; but micro-blog’s business model is not clear, and no commercial value based micro-blog to get the promotion of a large area, in the era of Internet, it is very difficult the.

in the analysis of the car2100 automotive supplies network user groups, Mo found wild in traditional industries, in fact, network platform for micro-blog’s demand is very obvious; this demand is sufficient to produce commercial value, which is mainly from the original product supply mode.

is currently on the car2100 website every day there are nearly more than 30 thousand auto supplies business release of supply and demand information, can be regarded as the timely updating of information; because the traditional supply and demand information are separated, as previously micro-blog, instant messaging between various pieces of information is not interactive, which makes both sides of supply and demand can not be timely reply; and we will assume the supply and demand information interactive mode into the micro-blog automotive supplies business, once the business purchase information release, immediately followed by the merchant purchase information reply supply information, the original model is the transaction efficiency and cost is a great good news.


system can assume that micro-blog e-commerce sites with information on the supply and demand docking, believe that sales and supply of electronic commerce website will play a very important role in promoting the smooth realization of; of course, this has yet to be proven practitioners.

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