Dangdang.com overweight clothing transformation, two quarter net profit to a record high

introduction: since the transformation of the transformation from the online bookstore dangdang.com planning for online mall, to the present time, from this year’s Q1 and Q2, dangdang.com and the transformation of the road has emerged.


August 14th, Dangdang (NYSE:DANG) announced second quarter earnings. Earnings data show that the two quarter Dangdang total revenue of $3 billion 300 million, net profit of $28 million 800 thousand, a record high net profit.

net profit rose to a record high of

earnings data show that in the second quarter, dangdang.com achieved total revenue of 3 billion 300 million yuan, 1 billion 493 million 500 thousand yuan compared to the same period last year, an increase of 120.96%, of which, 100 and other platforms clothing business days to reach 1 billion 430 million, an increase of 82%, the growth rate of the leading the traditional book business.

in the second quarter, dangdang.com net profit of 28 million 800 thousand yuan, while last year was a loss of 63 million 900 thousand yuan over the previous year, with the development of a large stride. In addition, compared to the first quarter net profit of 2 million in the second quarter, the index rose to a record high of 14 times, a record high. In terms of gross margin, Dangdang second quarter gross margin of 18.3%, a record high of a new high of, but also since the Q1 in 2013 for the six consecutive quarter stable at more than 17%.

net profit growth in the second quarter, driven by the growth of net profit for half a year dangdang. The first half of 2014, net profit reached 30 million 800 thousand yuan dangdang.com, tying listed in the first year (2010) annual profit. In 2011 2012, dangdang.com, 2013 dangdang.com achieve -2.28 billion yuan, -4.44 billion, and -1.43 billion yuan for three consecutive years of net losses, but sustained profitability in the first half of this year has shown a return to profitability.

transformation is emerging to continue to overweight clothing

since the transformation of Dangdang online bookstore online bookstore transformation, has been in the past, from this year’s Q1 and Q2 point of view, the transformation of the way Dangdang has emerged.

in dangdang.com reported first quarter dangdang.com GMV of 2 billion 553 million yuan, 100 clothing GMV platform, reached 1 billion 159 million yuan; the second quarter GMV was 3 billion 300 million yuan, 1 billion 430 million clothing day one hundred other platform business, over the same period last year compared to an increase of 89%, much higher than the growth rate of the book business, which also marks the transformation measures of Dangdang the network has been the early results.

since 2012, dangdang.com announced the introduction of an open platform strategy, the transformation of the road began; 2013, dangdang.com continue to expand the clothing business, especially in May 2013, dangdang.com launched the "tail collection of flash purchase, with 70 percent off completed the discount to join the business apparel flash purchase wars, the final 2013 tail collection of clothing flash drives dangdang.com total turnover 10 billion 200 million. This year, when

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