Micro business quickly make money 108 strokes

micro business era, I still go to buy goods Jingdong, Taobao, rarely buy in the circle of friends, unless it is very trust brothers do, because I trust him and trust him to sell the products, purchase behavior, what reason is this? Is a circle of friends these businesses are. I do not demand, two is enough iron, do not trust, so it is difficult to let me have the purchase behavior.

believe you also often see the brightly coloured Shuabing hard wide circle of friends, really annoying? Listen to friends talking about, despise the micro business, what is the reason? Because this group of Shuabing friends, not to touch the essence of the circle of friends for sale, so not only difficult to form, but the destruction of the ecological chain of good friends.

so, micro business to make money in the end should be how to do? How, if you buy the product in the circle of friends, you can buy in what circumstances? I think is still three points I just talked about, you just need to trust this product, the merchant, the merchant’s sales skills can make you very happy to clinch a deal, not otherwise, you might? Just like me, would rather go to the Jingdong or purchase of Taobao,


how to solve these three problems?

first step: precision suction powder

you add every friend, should be a precise user needs, but also, it is best to attract, rather than you take the initiative to add, attract and increase the efficiency of the transaction will be completely different!

you know: getting fans is the first step. Remember: not a certain number of fans, say what is good. There are five hundred fans and the effect of the five thousand fans is completely different, so say, if you want to sell effective, powder work to do a good job". Just started doing micro marketing because of the small number of personal fans and WeChat platform fans, the number of transactions every day is also very limited, you must not be discouraged, to learn methods and techniques.

so, you have to set a goal for yourself or team: for example, plus fans every day not less than 50, with a reward, to add less punishment, reward than punishment. So you every day will find ways to add fans, the past two weeks after their employees are accustomed to, do not dislike, even a little love, the number of fans also gradually go up, the most important thing is that we find the confidence, also shows a saying "nothing is difficult in the world if you put your heart into it".

second step: building trust

you need to build enough and their deep trust, is likely to clinch a deal, otherwise, even if he does not have the demand, choose you, because he can go directly to the Jingdong or Taobao more similar products


when the fans reached a certain magnitude, the key is sticky. The viscosity is to build trust, communicate heart to heart friends while trading, while doing business, for your fans to influence your fans, this is the core of micro marketing.

: for example, after we have a certain amount of fans, we need

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