Twitter’s first broadcast television advertising prominent tab marketing


technology news Beijing time on June 11th morning news, Twitter broadcast Sunday, the company’s first television advertising, mainly about Nasca (NASCAR) car contest. This ad is not only to attract NASCAR enthusiasts attention, also show the brand publicity effect in cooperation with Twitter. The industry believes that the Twitter through the TNT TV broadcast advertising is also to show the new tab function.

Insider was the first American technology blog Business, link will be redirected to, which is a NASCAR Racing League in the Twitter on the new landing page. Twitter on Thursday in the official blog to show by NASCAR enthusiasts information, including racing message, information, expert review team, and a lot of behind the scenes photos. In this way, Twitter and NASCAR help on filtering information, obtain the most important content through the #NASCAR label.

this is the first time Twitter launched a label based brand page. NASCAR marketing campaigns and TV advertising is not aimed at racing fan, also shows the new features of the Twitter tab to other brand marketing.

Twitter may cooperate with other brands in the future, the better use of tabbed function. NASCAR will not be the last one with this form of marketing or brand sports alliance. After the success of the marketing campaign, more brands are expected to consider such social marketing.

Twitter tags will become a new channel of social marketing, and to make the user’s attention more dispersed. At present, brand advertisers have a website is far from enough, they also need a Facebook page and the Twitter tab for this service. (Wei Jin)

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