Three listed pharmacies at the same time stop collective collective Tmall store OTC

October 4th news, the traditional pharmacy chain and pharmaceutical electricity supplier game continues. The day before, some consumers have found that people, as one church, Yifeng large pharmacy chain stores three listed Tmall stores are no longer selling OTC (over-the-counter) products.

billion state power network login Tmall Medical Museum found that the three flagship store pharmacies really have all left the store OTC drugs, health supplies, contact lenses, medical equipment and other non drug. The store search cold spirit, are shown not to meet the conditions of goods".


(photo: people Tmall flagship store has no OTC category



(search for "cold Ling" show results)

and in stark contrast, the official network platform three pharmacies are supporting OTC online transactions.


(people’s official website of drugs can be online transactions)

in this regard, billion state power network contact Yifeng large pharmacy business person in charge, the other said temporarily convenient to respond. The people of the big pharmacy and a church of the electricity supplier responsible person are not doing any reply.

hall Tmall flagship store customer service staff explained: at present because of national policy, the drug class is being re adjusted, temporarily unable to order."

the customer service staff mentioned in the "national policy" refers to the food and Drug Administration issued a ban of third party Internet platform (including Tmall medical hall, eight hundred square, shop No. 1) notify the consumer oriented drug trade.

although the above platform is banned drug online transactions, but does not mean that all drugs will be off the shelf. It is reported that consumers want to buy drugs in these platforms, you can submit the demand, under the guidance of pharmacists, and ultimately by way of payment of goods transactions.


(pictured in other Tmall pharmacies OTC display interface, which supports consulting pharmacist after payment transaction)

most of the Tmall Medical Museum has business transaction form adjustment for cash on delivery, while the ordinary people, as one church, Yi Feng large pharmacy drugstore chain OTC three listed categories have been off the assembly line, the flagship store has no drug figure.

for these three giant enterprise collective shelf OTC drugs, the industry wide range of opinions:

Tmall has business speculation, reasons for the shelf OTC above three pharmacies may reach COD and Tmall Medical Museum (i.e., not cash on delivery) agreement; there are also businesses called the three pharmacies for violating the rules of Tmall canceled the sale of drugs qualification; there are businesses that three traditional drugstore shelves OTC>

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