Network integrated marketing achievements, Obama

network integrated marketing concept

in the in-depth study of various media resources (such as Internet portals, e-commerce platform, industry sites, search engines, classified information platform, community forums, video website, virtual community, etc.) on the basis of user behavior and the cost for positioning, accurate analysis of various network media resources, according to the actual situation of enterprises (objective as the scale of enterprise, development strategy, advertising budget etc.) to provide the most cost-effective one or more personalized network marketing solutions for the enterprise is called integrated network marketing, also called integrated marketing network, or called network marketing can be personalized. Simply put, is the integration of a variety of network marketing methods, objective demand and customers effectively provide the best match, one or more network marketing methods to the customer.

can according to two kinds of meaning: Internet marketing is the use of network technology and network characteristics to maximize the fastest, most effective and most accurate on the integrated marketing; integrated marketing network is thought to provide valuable information for the foundation, by the customer creation, dissemination of integrated marketing concept to the leading network marketing.

Barack · Obama, the first president of the United States in the history of internet". During the campaign, Obama almost perfect use of the Internet all boost function — create their own extremely friendly network image, raised more than 520 million dollars in campaign funds, more than the history of the most presidential campaign funds raised several times as much! But it is estimated that more than 85% of funds from the Internet, most of them is less than $100 in donations, more effectively in the network platform to the heavy blow opponent. In the announcement of the election, Obama rich site has been on the line. His website design uses a large number of social networking and interactive elements, users can carry out discussion groups on the site, their own fund-raising, watching videos, etc.. Since the beginning of the election, Obama rally in general does not accept cash, voters need to leave the E-mail address, he will be sent to the voters every week, an attractive campaign content. Obama’s donations are mostly small donations. In January this year, through the transfer of donations online, for example, there are 40% less than $25 donation. These small donors are mostly spontaneous online transfer, and the traditional mode in the rally conference held fundraising and fundraising dinner of the same. At that time, with Hilary as the presidential candidate of the Democratic Party’s donation is still rely on the traditional source of fundraising mode.

Obama on the application of the network means not only reflected in his active launch of the majority of Internet users, while he also won the support of the technology industry through more clear-cut position. Joint release of Silicon Valley’s most influential newspaper "newspaper" and the San Jose Mercury political reaction center report, in this campaign, the Silicon Valley business income of the top 20 technology company has donated US $1 million 434 thousand to Obama, Mccain is to raise $267 thousand, the former is more than 5 times of the latter. In these 20

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