Dai Zhikang two hours to finalize the acquisition is not survival pressure

the evening of August 27th, Li Mingshun CEO Dai Zhikang, vice president of Comsenz guest hosted by Donews 5g Chinese salon, the first public appearance after the acquisition of Tencent, that concern the details of the acquisition, and said to the same Tencent together to explore more possibilities for the future.

for the following Donews dialogue Dai Zhikang, Li Mingshun memoir:

Kang Sheng was acquired is definitely not based on survival pressure

Q: what is the Tencent’s acquisition of Kang Sheng form?

Dai Zhikang: Tencent this time we are one hundred percent of the acquisition, the two sides are independent. Before I was rumored to go to Tencent when VP, but I really pay attention to after the discovery of Tencent VP are very cattle, I can not afford. Now we are still making the decision of the board of directors, the original is five directors, is now the three, I am one, and the other from the Tencent two.

: before the acquisition Comsenz


Dai Zhikang: Kang Sheng is not a cabbage, the cheapest time two dollars a tree, the most expensive when a dollar three. This thing is the recognition of the value, the valuation of the standard, neither by profit estimates, nor by other standards.

asked: what is the specific amount of the acquisition in the end is how much


Dai Zhikang: amount is a very sensitive thing. Tencent on the acquisition of the provisions are: the market value of the acquisition, the amount of more than five percent employees will be announced, which Kang Sheng are not up to standard.

asked: you talked about before Kang Sheng scale is very large, but China users pay ratio is very low, so you have the revenue pressure, so the acquisition is based on your survival pressure or other


Dai Zhikang: that’s certainly not based on survival. Our revenue last year of 60 million, the first half of this year, revenue of 40 million. Now Kang Sheng more than and 200 people, must be profitable. But looking back, it’s hard to make money. Bigger customers, we have to run the scene, debugging, etc.. Do one hundred million can also be done, if you do not buy this year can be close to one hundred million next year will exceed. When searching, we are so tired of the accumulation of the one hand is the user, the other is a trend, so it is certainly not the acquisition based on the pressure of survival, but after considering the future development of the acquisition of the event. After the acquisition is no longer profitable pressure.

: so after the acquisition, there is no pressure on the profitability of it?

Dai Zhikang: basically No.

asked: Tencent to your request is to do a good job on the product line?

Dai Zhikang: Yes, is it, but for what good, there will still be a lot of standard. In fact, we still do the product team, do marketing is not particularly good at.

Prior to

, we are about the future of the product

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