Lift the central bank to pay the regulatory network Tencent commander Ali insider secret storm

this is a two Internet financial giant bend racing games, the central bank promptly dispatched, sounding the red alert.

as early as March 14th, the people’s bank payment and settlement division a "moratorium on the Alipay company line barcode (Er Weima) payment and other business advice" express mail social network crazy pass, Alipay documents required to immediately suspend the line barcode (two-dimensional code) payment, virtual credit card business model; Alipay is not alone, because it rival Tencent caifutong also suffered this treatment.

put aside the line to pay two-dimensional code table, just three days ago, Alipay and Tencent is China’s first virtual credit card for "Lianlei" cooperation in a complete mess, Alex Fong one day two issued a press release, for whom the first pains. However, with the heavy hand of the central bank regulation, CITIC Bank shares rose from the crash, but sad three days.


market is concerned, CITIC Bank hand carrying Tencent, hand carrying Ali, how to communicate with the scenery behind the story? There is no relevant partners to make filing to regulators, responsible for communication between the central bank policy logic behind heavy shot? What is it? It is because the "son" China

cup cheese?

CITIC credit card and Tencent, Ali cooperation prior to the Banking Regulatory Commission prepared, the normal reporting process are gone, but did not report to the people’s bank." In March 14th, CITIC Bank Internal authorities told the twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter revealed that at present, CITIC Bank is going to report the circumstances to the people’s Bank and the China Banking Regulatory Commission is actively communicating, the partners hope to finally be able to make business."

14, CITIC Bank announcement also revealed that the company, in cooperation with the Tencent WeChat credit card ("WeChat credit card") product is in the final testing stage; network digital credit and Alibaba cooperation card will be released today.

, however, the central bank suspended this time did not give a clear timetable. The central bank ordered a halt to the logic is: according to regulatory principles, commercial banks, Payment institutions in the introduction of innovative products and services, in cooperation with foreign institutions to carry out cross-border payment services, should be prepared in advance at least 30 daily business.

obviously, Alibaba and Tencent have not complied with this provision. 14, the central bank payment and settlement department deputy director Zhou Jinhuang revealed that the central bank’s attitude, compared with traditional business, including the payment of two-dimensional code, innovative business virtual credit card, involves a lot of new technologies, new processes and new identification technology, some aspects of the current rules do not cover both, there are some potential risks the central bank needs to study this further."

Ali insider


CITIC Bank shares this old line, now has become the new darling of Internet banking stocks.

is headquartered in Shenzhen, CITIC Bank Credit Card Center, CITIC is one of the few business, its president Chen Jin quite open mind, especially for Internet banking. 2>

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