Mobile advertising suction gold need to have 3 elements

lead: in the beginning of the rise of mobile advertising, marketing staff that simply plug the 300*250 banner compression display in the mobile phone can make money, but in fact they are wrong.


many people in the industry said 2014 would last year its greatest potential value for mobile advertising, but some businesses are still in the media as the main tool in shilly-shally drive on consumers. However, we have every reason to be optimistic about the future of Mobile Advertising – the latest market report predicts that the global mobile advertising spending in the next three years will grow by about $72 billion 320 million to about $ten.

but in order to make these predictions a reality, marketers have to reassess their mobile strategies at all levels – from creativity to targeting. Only in this way, we can feel this has long been the first year of mobile".

the right creative

at the beginning of the rise of mobile advertising, marketers believe that as long as the simple 300*250 banner ads on the phone can be displayed on the phone to make money, but in fact they are wrong.

what makes an ad so compelling in all media, including mobile media, that it is creatively implanted in every mobile device. Now consumers are fast food, they do not have the patience and time, and mobile advertising that made a simple innovation – with a smaller screen showing your brand information to consumers.

, for example, a large banner of media advertising is certainly applicable to banking and finance. But for a car company or a movie studio, the ads are more dependent on the visual storyline, and the video is more appropriate to deliver the brand message.

of course, we can’t avoid talking about local advertising. It is proved to be quite effective in the PC side, if in December last year, when the acquisition of mobile advertising platform Mopub current industry dynamics also occur without warning, this year, local advertising will dominate the mobile advertising industry.

association rules

in understanding the type of creativity, but also to arouse the resonance of consumers, it is critical that this has just started. One of the most important success factors of mobile advertising is the relevance and positioning.

today’s consumers are still exposed to too many irrelevant ads on their mobile devices. According to a recent study by PWC, 69% of consumers are actually willing to interact with mobile advertising, but it can not be spam, and to push in the right circumstances. If the trend continues, marketers will find themselves in a precarious position in front of consumers.

simply put, marketers must use all of the data and insight in all channels to understand and master the preferences of consumers

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