Adsense network broadcast 360 compensate Sogou everyone to come back to the United States and the Un

1 Beijing intermediate people’s court sentenced the 360 compensation Sogou 5 million 100 thousand yuan  

January 19th, Beijing second intermediate people’s Court on Sogou sued the case of unfair competition in the case of a verdict, the first instance verdict Sogou win in 360.

court found that 360 security guards hinder the normal installation Sogou browser, and to prevent the user will be set as the default browser browser browser behavior constitutes unfair competition, was sentenced to compensate Sogou $5 million 100 thousand. This is the highest amount of compensation in the case of the same type of industry.

2 valuation of $7 billion, the U.S. mission has become China’s fourth largest electricity supplier  

January 18th, the local life service platform announced the completion of a new round of U.S. $700 million round of financing. U.S. group in this round of financing valuation reached $7 billion, which means that the company has become one of the fourth largest electricity supplier in China after Alibaba, Jingdong and

I come in a throng, the U.S. mission network CEO Wang may have come to the individual business history of distance listed on the dawn of the nearest place. Previously, this name has a bright symbol of intelligent mind door men had a series of the founder of the school network, the domestic network, Fanfou and many other Internet Co, who all have HanHen and eventually. OK, Wang Xing will be the "Dongshan at the" send beauty group, and thus won the "letter of business model".

, however, the United States announced a new round of financing after the announcement, but Wang Xing shouted brake, 2015 and next year, the listing will not be our main goal. If any of the first listed, it basically means that it gave up, surrendered."

3 everyone Countdown: This is to come back?  

everyone wants to come back,


users to deliver our clues, found today all video website appeared mysterious countdown, although it is not clear what specific means, but the official note about silkworm or change, please look for words.

4 shut down illegal websites last year more than 2200  

yesterday, the reporter learned from the state Internet Information Office, according to the national "anti pornography" work of the overall deployment, the national network information office to further promote the net net action, the year 2014 close to investigate pornographic and other illegal sites more than 2200, shut down illegal channels and columns more than and 300, shut down illegal forum, blog, micro blog, WeChat, QQ and other types of accounts for about 20000000, the organization of news sites and commercial sites of self correction to clean up all kinds of illegal and harmful information of more than 1 billion, to curb the spread of pornographic and vulgar information.

but by the end of 2014, the site is vulgar and do tend to have a rebound in the net, pornographic information when there is a rise. State Network letter office to take action quickly, Jian

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