Tmall double 11 will be the first VR meeting the first single to be double double 11 party tickets

3 weeks, the annual Tmall double global carnival is coming to the 11. In addition to the highest 1111 yuan of red envelopes, VR shopping, the actual version and AR game, looking for Carnival cat came.


this year, Tmall will launch the first 11 double VR venue – Buy+ channel, don’t chop hand hands, just move the line of sight, to complete the whole process of shopping stores, shopping, payment orders. If the opening of non secret payment, the above process is only 15 seconds to complete. November 1st into the hands of Amoy VR special, you can enjoy the preferential price 11 days in advance.

It is worth mentioning that

, the world’s first to complete the VR shopping double 11 consumers will get double the double tickets for the evening of 11, as well as free access to the National Tourism benefits. Buy+ specially prepared 150 thousand copies of VR glasses, only need to spend $1 to buy in the supermarket, such as Tmall, you can match the smart phone for VR shopping.

it is understood that Tmall international Buy+ to select big businesses from the United States, Macy’s, Target, Costco, P & G group, but also from Japan, Matsumoto Kiyo, Tokyo Otaku Mode animation Akihabara store, as well as the biggest pharmacy chain Chemist Warehouse from Australia, Freedom Foods and other health food.

through the line of stores field shooting, VR magic glasses can restore the real shopping scene and national landmark features. After wearing, you can "take" the subway station field visit the Tokyo rainbow bridge, Ferris wheel, encounter two dimensional girl; or follow the super handsome pilots "driving" helicopter aerial view of Sydney, enjoy a hearty breakfast in Australia ranch, the quality of fresh milk and sweet taste of oatmeal; warm black driver driving a 1965 antique car, you leisurely tour of New York Times Square, enjoy music VIP shopping experience.

this year, Tmall also launched its own double 11 AR interactive games "for Carnival cat", whenever and wherever possible open mobile phone, can meet all kinds of big cat, get double 11 red envelopes, followed by visiting the shops, commercial cat. Met in the game Starbucks, Kentucky Fried Chicken, the movie house cat, find them to win free coffee, family bucket, movie tickets and other concessions.

at the same time, in the "find Carnival cat" AR game, a golden Tmall will appear in the country a number of mysterious place in November 5, 6 hours mystery days, as long as the AR arrived at the designated place to complete the interaction, you can get 100 yuan to 4999 yuan exclusive double 11 red envelopes, and won the dream big surprise gift the benefit of the whole family.

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