Open shop detailed steps of the process How to set up shop on Taobao

As a novice

friends, want to try their own when the treasurer’s taste, so they wanted to know how to open shop, this is what preparations. But always don’t know how it is, never mind, teach you how to start from zero to open their own shop.

first, let’s talk about how to open shop

1: to the bank to open a bank card, and the opening of online banking business.

2: enter Taobao, registered a member name, can be Chinese characters, English letters can also be. Enter the member name, click the button to check the name of the member, if the same name, there will be prompted. Then the two input password, fill in your email address and check code, check automatically create a Alipay account, click on the submit registration information to agree to the terms. Note: remember the account name and password Oh!

3: Alipay real name authentication. For real name and card name consistent with your bank.

4: landing Alipay account, and then click account settings, then click on the real name authentication. Then, Alipay will give into the amount of less than 1 yuan of funds, the funds received after the return, Alipay confirmed. Note: to accurately remember the amount, you will be asked to fill in.

5: prepare three pictures (in front of a body holding my ID, and the ID card, according to the back of each one), and then click on the Taobao shop certification, certification can be submitted. After completing the above steps, you will be ready to start a shop.

6: shop decoration. I’m not going to elaborate.

two, the successful application of the store, we talk about the location of the shop.

1, first determine what you want to sell on the Internet, it is generally recommended to choose their own familiar products, easy to post, not easy to break, small size, no shelf life restrictions or a very long shelf life of the product. This needs to be based on their own resources and field analysis to determine the. You can also come down from their friends, to investigate what they like to buy online.

2, no store you can also make money. There are many suppliers online, we can choose to join agents. The supply of goods by the manufacturer free of charge, do not need to purchase, we are responsible for the sale, but also to help manufacturers shipped goods, profit is to earn the difference between the middle.

3, need to master the product, price, promotion and channel. All of your actions should focus on these four points; such as how to get better products, better quality products and value strategies on how to develop, how to take what kind of promotion, sales channels, for the individual or organization, is a man or a woman. The most important thing is to focus on improving the amount of browsing and credit. So you have to be patient enough to invest.

4, analyze their strengths. For example, you have more time, or to

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