P2P platform refers to the death of 50% insiders said the rules promulgated during the year


P2P platform refers to the 50% to die insiders said the rules promulgated during the year

no later than the end of this year, may not have P2P license, but the regulations will come out "in the net loan eye in the weekend’s investors exchange meeting, P2P company official of NetEase finance, the CBRC P2P industry regulations are being developed, and is expected to be introduced before the end of this year.

"this wave of collapse last year, but the process of market selection, after future regulatory hand, the remaining more than 2 thousand P2P companies will not be too much, probably just a fraction, the melting point of the network is expected to CEO Guo Yuhang.

P2P industry observers say, "regardless of the CBRC to die, regardless of the country can not, because now more and more crooks, at least now say a word, at least 50% of the investment site is not reliable, platform 50% must die".

According to the statistical data of

net loan eye in 2007, Chinese first P2P platform appeared as net loan industry gestation period from 2007 to 2011, 2011 at the end of the first outbreak of the dangerous period, many platforms appeared tens of millions of bad debts; the 2012 P2P platform from 20 to 240; 2013 rapidly increased to 600, but in October of last year the wave of the crisis in the collapse of the 75 platforms; and since the beginning of this year has run away and closed down more than and 30.

net loan founder Hou Bin eye in the sky is expected to last 75 collapse of the platform, 3-5 for the pure liar platform, there is a real demand drained 3-5, while the vast majority of self financing platform. He believes that in 2014, the real net loan platform will reach 1300 to about 1500.


industry observers say that P2P scam sites including the form of arrears, tens of millions or even several hundred million, can not receive money from the bank, and private borrowers on the platform; self financing platform of real estate, mining and other projects self financing; last year a run of the platform, not to mention now, this year the new open platform to get money; POND’S scam; even engage in MLM people also entered the net loan industry".

"pure liar open platform, a website linked virtual several regulators, investors, linked to the site after the platform we feel good interest rate on the investment, the platform cheated 500 thousand, 1 million ran away, your alarm is useless".


P2P company official said, P2P business model actually does not create a new business model, but the original’s oldest private borrowing or lending relationship, made to simplify the borrower, simplify, for the supervision department of the three simplified simplified as part of investors.

and the China Banking Regulatory Commission study regulatory rules, to protect themselves from the financial model, "the fictional fake object must be" crack down; second is a pool of money.

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