The implementation of fraud 17 defendants were sentenced to the grounds of network domain name renew

October 16th afternoon, Xiamen Siming District People’s court open verdict on a fraud Gang, the defendant Wu Gaoming recruited 16 young people just out of school, and organize them to fraud in the name of the domain name renewals, in six months time, the fraud gang with 68 cases of fraud, fraud amounting to more than 34 yuan.

defendant Wu Gaoming Jiangxi City, Pingxiang Province, 24 years old this year. The court found that in June 27th last year, Wu Gaoming registered "Xiamen Network Technology Co. Ltd., to recruit college graduates just from secondary school, Lin Lifang, Zheng Yan, Li Li, Lin Yanrong and other 16 people, and organize them from the Internet was a random check of contact, and then call the victims unit, registration renewal service posing as an international Internet Network Information Center certification, that the victims unit network domain is about to expire, the need for renewal, and fax" renewal notice "requirements, victims unit will continue into the designated account fee, fraud.

since June 27th last year, Wu Gaoming organized a total of 16 people, such as Lin Lifang, fraud from the beginning of the 68, the total amount of fraud of more than RMB 34 yuan of rmb. Last November, 17 defendants have been arrested by the police. After the incident, some of the defendants initiative to return the stolen money.

the court held that the defendant Wu Gaoming, Lin Lifang, Zheng Yan, Li Li, Lin Yanrong and other 17 people together, the fictional facts for the purpose of illegal possession, cheat other people’s property, which Wu Gaoming played a major role in the crime, is the principal. The court found the 17 defendants guilty of fraud, sentenced Wu Gaoming to 12 years imprisonment, fined 100 thousand yuan, respectively, Lin Lifang and other 16 defendants sentenced to 3 years imprisonment for 6 months to 8 months imprisonment, and impose appropriate penalties.

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