Daily topic Panda incense maker Li Jun jailed again

station network (www.admin5.com) June 14th news, according to Lishui issued official micro-blog news, panda virus maker Zhang Shun, Li Jun set up a network of casinos in Zhejiang Lishui, money making millions of dollars, has been arrested by the local procuratorial organs. The incident occurred earlier this year, involving a total of 17 people.

according to the introduction, "two maker panda virus in Lishui" mountain ", set up a network of casinos, money making millions of dollars. After preliminary investigation, from April 2011 to May 2012, the suspect set up "gold card" network game platform for millions of dollars in illegal profits, involving gambling money amounting to tens of millions of dollars. Earlier, in September 24, 2007, Hubei province people’s Court of first instance to destroy the computer information system crime sentenced to four years in prison, Zhang Shun, imprisonment for up to two years in Xiantao.

for the panda virus and we may not feel strange, panda is a kind of after several variants of the worm virus variants, "written by Li Jun in October 16, 2006, early January 2007 ravaged the network, it is mainly through the downloaded file transmission. It can also end up with a large number of anti-virus software processes and will delete a backup file with an extension of gho. All the.Exe executable files in the infected user system are all changed to the panda holding three incense. Serious damage to computer programs and systems.

this means that once convicted, Li Jun could face a longer sentence than before. This can not help but sigh the fate of Li Jun, Li Jun contact with people who recalled: the former "Panda" create a great sensation on the contrary, the author is not the devils, "honest", very few words, make it difficult to relate to the "poison king", it is difficult to imagine again in prison.

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