SAC this year, double 11 promotion to accept inspection and monitoring

, according to Xinhua news agency, Beijing, September 11, double 11, double 12 and other times has become the focus of the major electricity supplier platform to promote the practice. From the beginning of October 1st, the electronic business platform and then focus on promotional activities must comply with the provisions of the Interim Provisions of the network of goods and services focused promotional activities, or may be investigated.

provisions of the third party trading platform in the focus on the promotion of the obligation to clear. Such as the third party platform should be on the seller’s identity management review and registration, and should be preserved during the recording, promotions seller information goods and services content, time should be posted on the platform; on the seller’s promotional activities to check monitoring, found illegal violations, should take timely measures to stop should be in advance; focus on promotion period, significant publicity means and rules of information, and not fiction volume or user evaluation

at the same time, to carry out the transaction in the third party platform of the seller, shall also clear: the seller should focus on promotion period, significant publicity and promotional advertising rules; should be true and accurate, promotional advertising should be conditional, additional conditions in the promotional advertising page with clear and complete expression; prohibiting the use of such goods and not the actual the fictional character, trading volume and other unfair means of promotion; integral or coupons, should be marked with the use of methods, conditions; prize promotion, not imaginary number and quality prize, lottery or lottery manipulation may not be false.

for sellers to use gifts to attract consumers, provides that in addition to the normal sales of the product, the quality of the gift should also comply with the provisions of the product quality law, and in accordance with the provisions of the three packs of services.

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