Liquor electricity supplier snow in full bloom

at the beginning of September, brewmaster network and wine have announced a new round of financing, the amount was 200 million yuan and more than 100 million yuan.

in both PE and electricity supplier of the winter today, two liquor electricity supplier while obtaining financing, no doubt attract eyeballs. But the two companies, really get the money. Behind the two companies have a number of investment institutions. Investment institutions at this time shot, does it mean that liquor electricity supplier may still have a chance?

liquor as the subject of electricity supplier sales, higher gross profit, higher customer price, a higher degree of standardization, as the electricity supplier’s sales target, it looks beautiful. In fact, wine and liquor are different, so the online sales, rarely sell electricity the whole category of wine, but the main or main selling liquor, or wine.

but no wine or liquor electricity supplier, electricity supplier, to tell a story of the imagination, they still have a long way to go: the wine is still too small, so the wine shop start line; liquor electricity current role, only liquor brands online dealers, they have not become a real liquor channel.

VS wine liquor business: lack of coordination


brewmaster network chairman Hao Hongfeng told reporters that the brewmaster net sales, 80% of liquor, wine, wine and other.

wine basically sell wine and other wine is the customer requirements before sales, far less than 5% of total sales.

this commodity structure, very common in the liquor electricity supplier. The main red wine electricity supplier, selling more than 90% of the wine is red wine; the main liquor, selling more than 80% of the liquor is the liquor, simply call other wine called fancy wine".

wine electricity supplier first enter the eyes of everyone, but the liquor electricity supplier but catch up from behind. Brewmaster network is a known liquor sales NO.1.

wine CEO Yide Lu began to do the business in 2008, even by 2010, online wine share is not high. But the liquor online sales, there will be a certain scale".

does not appear to be trying to sell wine wine category. The reason behind this is: red wine and liquor business electricity supplier, looks are selling wine, but they have great difference: from the target customer to customer price, from the resources required to operating mode: for the wine business, customers are mainly personal and buy their own drink, and liquor electricity customers, a lot of are small entrepreneurs, not to buy their drink, 90% is out of business and government demand".

another liquor electricity supplier CEO claims its customer price up to 1000 yuan, many customers are institutions, government agencies, enterprises, they may buy a one-time bottle of 10, to value-added tax invoices. From sales, the first-line brand accounted for 25%, second tier brands accounted for 50%, the line of the brand and other wine accounted for 25% of the individual and unit users on the contribution of the contribution of the semi open. But he said: "our customers"

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