New Oriental break the shackles of online education three technology, offline resources, brain drain

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three shackles of online education: technical breakthrough new Oriental afraid of maximizing resource utility, barriers, heteronomy line personnel facing the massive loss of

IT Time [editor’s note] this sentence in their finest hour, and then Yu Minhong in the body but can be described as appropriate. Although in 2000, New Oriental will spend 50 million to set up new Oriental online, but until now online New Oriental Education didn’t develop, also want to use the Internet thinking to subvert the education industry showstopper "100 education". Not only that, YY do online education products, according to Li Xueling’s words are mainly aimed at foreign language training, directed at new oriental. New Oriental hide can not hide, can only meet. But the development of New Oriental now, want to maintain their advantages are not take cities and seize territory is not easy,. In this paper, the author pointed out that the New Oriental break the shackles of online education three.

online education market new Oriental long-term accumulation, has formed a very high barriers to competition, but also inhibited the growth of online business, do not have to be pushed to a new line at the crossroads, wound technical reserves backward, lack of innovation mode, serious loss of talent is challenging to


since YY announced the establishment of 100 education into the online education market, Yu Minhong and New Oriental will be pushed to the public opinion in the teeth of the storm. In May 22nd, New Oriental announced a partnership and blockbuster, to enter the television digital education market.

YY in the fight, one can not be called online education products, to create the concept of education across the screen, New Oriental counterattack slightly weak. After all, the difference between today’s online education and traditional education mode is the largest online interactive, and the New Oriental launched by blockbuster TV school but the teaching changed the video broadcast platform. That even Yu Minhong explained the cooperation with the "you can imagine the future……" Such a view, but for New Oriental, the more severe is also obvious that the plight of the moment.


by virtue of the education itself understanding and the accumulation of resources, online education market new Oriental formed a very high barriers to competition, even in recent years, various educational institutions blossom everywhere, New Oriental can survive.

but too strong a part of the line but inhibit the growth of its online business. Although as early as 2000, New Oriental will spend 50 million yuan to set up new Oriental online, but until now this business line revenue is only $2500 to $30 million. The immature nature of the business as a whole has brought about a lag in the relevant technical reserves.

YY chose to cut the opponent for online education, largely because of its many years engaged in the online business is the audio and video transmission technology, relatively complete, and even some people say 100 education curriculum test takes only 15KB/S speed. New Oriental want to rely on in the short term

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