Ye Xiaozhou To explore the nursing website business model

this year, the Internet is said to be the first year, including NetEase, Tencent, Sohu, Sina and other Internet representative enterprises have ushered in the 10 anniversary celebration. 1998 to 10 years in years, it can be said that the rapid development of China’s first year of the Internet, the Chinese Internet, from scratch, followed by the rapid development of the past 10 years.

development up to now, the childcare market can be divided into three kinds: first, according to the business model in e-commerce catalog sales + childcare products, such as red child, baby; the second is the site directory + + chain store sales, you cool Phyl, ok baby, children and other companies; the third is to create community portal, blog service companies, such as the cradle of network etc.. The three model has been basically divided into a situation of tripartite confrontation state.

cradle Net – make you and baby better

after the birth of a child, the first face will be his parents, cradle net foreign successful experience for many years, combined with the China situation, launched a children’s growth profile test system through the evaluation of the growth of the ladder, to create for the development of children’s education, compared with the development trend of children’s grasping ability, learning starting point to find and confirm the ability of the children. Instead of queuing up, labeling, or distinguishing between "good" and "bad"".

The growth of

will affect the baby to his body, but to have young parents, and no corresponding education method, and a system of the growth ladder, can come to the growth of the baby clearly divided, yaolanwang special setting of development can provide a reference for the index system, and you will with the baby grow up together.

growth ladder to transfer to every parent and not just copies of the test report, some guidelines and parent-child games, more important is to let the parents understand scientific parenting ideas through parenting practice, find out a method for their children.

growth ladder also has four ideas:

first, starting from zero, not lose at the starting line.

second, happy, independent. Baby from birth is an independent individual, he has his own emotions, his motives, he is curious about the world, with a strong desire to explore. Often in the parents too much protection, too much restrictions, care is ignored, be replaced. To encourage children to explore, learn in the game, grow up in happiness.

third, parents learn first, participate together. Parents are children’s first teacher, the family is the most warm children’s classroom. As qualified parents, only to learn the concept of scientific parenting, grasp the scientific parenting methods, is still far from enough, but also to participate in, put into practice.

fourth, to promote the best development of the key period. The development of children’s ability to have a most sensitive period, known as the sensitive period or critical period. In a critical period of some ability, the ability to develop the fastest, most likely to be affected

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