3 to buy the club to buy the club to buy the latest reshuffle to upgrade into the 3 into the 1

thousand regiment war nearly six months, the group has become increasingly clear pattern. According to the third party group purchase navigation site 800 recently released "2011 November China group purchase market statistics report" shows that the group purchase market in November the total turnover of about 1 billion 450 million yuan, an increase of nearly 20%. in the previous month, a total of 3 group purchase website sales exceeded 200 million, respectively, the U.S. mission network, Wo Wo Group and handle network. Analysts said that this means that the competition has to buy the industry from the 5 into the upgrade to the 3 into the 1, the United States has clearly lead the network group.

differentiation is more obvious first-line website. Among them, the steady faction United States Mission Network in November sales of more than 250 million, accounting for the share of the market share of the first to buy the industry in the first place, ahead of the second yuan, about 20000000 yuan. This is the second in October after the first sales of 170 million won the industry to win again.

3 buy network into the club of

according to the group 800 data show that in November to buy sales of up to 1 billion 450 million. The sampling site includes 24 stamps, 58 group purchase, rice, public comment, the U.S. group, tick group, gaopeng.com, handle network, full, Groupon, Wo Wo Group, group purchase market. The 3 group purchase website beauty group, Wo Wo Group and handle network stability into the "200 million club", in the local service rate, 3 local service sales contribution ratio was 91.97%, 86.34% and 61.07%. in September, the U.S. group net sales exceeded 150 million in October exceeded 170 million in November exceeded 250 million. U.S. mission network has been in October, in November, the first consecutive sales in the industry, in November the chain grew by 47%.

in the ups and downs of the group purchase industry, how to maintain the steady growth of the business, is a problem placed in front of the legions of the group purchase. Data show that the food consumption still support group purchase market boom in November, nearly 600 million yuan for the "mission" to eat. Growth of 18.2%, which Hot pot BBQ, buffet and local dishes of the 3 individual are selling billions of dollars. Among them, the "food delicacy" and "entertainment" big star both flowers are beautiful round net, beauty net "fish Teppanyaki" and "xinnanguo studios" group purchase group purchase movie tickets, single sales have exceeded 2 million.

in November and the national group turnover rose nearly 20% of the main growth point is not catering, but physical goods buy. Due to the sale of bedding, down jacket, snow boots and warm underwear and other winter equipment, physical goods sales have increased, about 330 million yuan.

expects December sales continued to grow by

according to statistics, 11 months before the camp group purchase sales amounted to nearly 9 billion 500 million yuan, annual sales exceeded 10 billion has "That’s final". Group purchase industry in the third quarter of the inflection point and lead the industry on the winter, since the fourth quarter, group purchase industry "winter" environment showed a rise to stabilize the tenacious life.

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