Teach you to use the map to make online donations for the earthquake victims

news: xinhuanet.com reporter 12 from 22:50 in Sichuan Province earthquake relief headquarters learned, according to incomplete statistics, the province currently has 8533 people were killed in the earthquake disaster.

I have a few hours without watching the news, when I opened the Tencent news again, I was shocked, I never thought would have so much casualties, although already know is 7.6 earthquake (up to level 8), have experienced the earthquake there is no way to estimate the size of the earthquake. I really don’t think there’s going to be a lot of casualties……

send everyone a word: peace is a blessing!

also hope that all have the ability to provide a force for earthquake relief!

Tencent Sina grand HSBC rising company / bank donations 1 million donations, we ordinary people can do what


can we also contribute to the disaster area?

Tencent online donation page Tencent charity foundation and the Chinese Red Cross Society Jet Li Foundation Fund for the 5.12 Sichuan earthquake emergency fund-raising


if you opened the online banking, then ask: 10 yuan you have donated to the disaster area people can do?

if you do not open online banking, you can transfer to ICBC!

Chinese Red Cross announced emergency hotline and special account


cutting plan and lead them to donate a verbal statement without any proof,


I’m a poor man, the bank card is only 30 dollars, would like to donate all of the results of the public donation page of Tencent only 10/20/50 of the denomination, I would donate it to the 20, after all, I am poor ah. Of course, we believe it or not!

I use the money to pay online donations.

open: http://s.gongyi.qq.com/juanzeng/llj_dizhen.htm


select denomination, submit!


go online bank payment!


select payment method!


enter the password, OK!


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