Amoy little Ali O2O with this layout the future fate of the market has yet to be tested

text / Song Xuan (micro signal: barensong)

last June, Amoy little formally launched, 3 months after the Amoy little set up a separate division. The whole project has been running for nearly 1 years. Do so long, in fact, many people do not see how to do in the end Amoy little bit. So the market began to have a variety of rumors that Amoy little has been marginalized within Ali, and its products and competing products homogenization serious problems. So what’s the truth?

found that people after a check, Amoy little, has embarked on a "Taobao" road, do platform, make the flow, Amoy little is to lay the money earned


at present, Amoy little is still the core of the Department of Ali O2O strategy, but in fact Amoy little did not go out of their own O2O Road, the fate of the future remains to be market tested.

tangled: Amoy little actually don’t want to do


from the name we already know, the original intention of the product is to do a meal, that is to say, Taobao hopes to use this point to cut into the dining O2O, rather than takeaway. But before this, Ali inside there is also a takeaway ordering team, before the establishment of Amoy little division, the integration of the two teams, formed in the end and now we see the Amoy little division, but subject to the earlier of the Amoy little takeaway function positioning, then once in the product was weakened.

can be said that from the beginning, Amoy bit chose a new model. Separated from the previous general buy O2O logic, the only way to attract users to attract the user’s extensive practice was completely abandoned ali. But the product technical director Amoy good times don’t last long, little division Wang Lei said, after a period of time after the experiment we found that the ordering orientation including Amoy little more than half of the orders are directed to the "reservation". So in September last year, officially Amoy little to determine its own position, to the point of meals and takeaway ordering service in each half.

lie to make money: there is no line team does not do logistics

Amoy little pattern is very simple, the overall idea is to imitate Taobao. Analogy is, Amoy little bit is to do the catering industry’s mobile phone Taobao. Wang Lei said, at present, Amoy little did not build their team to push more, do not have their own logistics team, such as Beijing city has only 15 employees, mainly relying on the cooperation mode of +TP promotion, Amoy little team itself is just a collection of resources.

did not push the team, no experience offline, and even no stable flow entrance. Amoy little future planning is to do platform. Palestinians feel this is a bit difficult. At present, the main partner of Amoy little have several categories:

line under the TP team: This is not the reason to do a little bit of scouring the line, these teams are currently helping Taobao to find the main force of small businesses, these teams to persuade and help the success of the line dining

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