Google launched on Google Play paid search advertising is about to start testing

Google launched on Google Play paid search advertising is about to begin testing

[TechWeb] February 27th news reports, Google will launch the paid search advertising in Google Play, designed to help developers to better promote its application in the Google Play, but also can bring more revenue for Google. Google announced that the next few weeks will begin testing in its app store sponsored search results.

paid search is a common WEB search engine business model, Google is ready to introduce it to the Google Play application store. For example, users search for tourism applications, given the search results at the same time, Google will be displayed in the top of these results to pay for the promotion of the application. Moreover, Google will pay to promote the application of this marked "advertising" (Ad). In the early days of the test, the service was targeted only at specific advertisers who had already purchased search ads on Google.

Google Play Product Manager Michael · Syris Ki said: "we have been looking for new ways to help developers will be applied to more potential users, this is what we will be in the next few weeks Google Play test sponsored search results reason. We will introduce a wealth of experience in the search advertising market to the app store."

data show that there are more than and 190 countries in the world’s population of about 1000000000 people in the use of Android devices. Last year, Google Play to provide developers have been divided into $about 7000000000, while Apple iOS app store for developers to create a $about 10000000000 revenue.

such a large user base, of course, can also provide a potential source of advertising revenue for Google. At the same time, Google will also face some problems, such as in the Chinese market, many mobile Google service has been removed OS. (Ming Yu)

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