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forum is to promote the use of the forum network communication platform, publishing products and services through text, pictures, video and other forms of information, so as to make the target customers more profound understanding of products and services. Finally reach the brand, enhance market awareness (which is the definition of Baidu Encyclopedia). In fact, very simple, is to enhance their visibility through the forum.

Zhong Zhixin is a moderator of the forum, many people often find a registration number on your own ads, but also is a naked advertising, direct product is their information. This is a little better than some of the text is directly, which although those naked advertisers feel better, but it is not recommended to have been registered as soon as advertisers, such personal feeling is not very good, do not know how you feel.

said his own experience on this forum bar.

is a familiar forum in the mix, Chinese stress is a trust, as long as the mix, do what thing do.

1 registration is the best Chinese, I see a lot of students are registered in English, but also a large string of letters, here is China, the English level is not high, the Chinese people are more likely to remember.

2 avatar is also very critical, it is best to let a person see your head is deeply imprinted in the mind, so that even if you have no impression on the name of others, at least for your head is also an impression.

3 if you can, each new post to reply to it (the best is the sofa), so that the landlord can see you, the person can also see you reply, this is much better, the degree of familiarity has increased by

help people in the forum

forum now almost all signatures, can set their own product information in the signature, if it is to do SEO friends can stay connected to the signature, and this link in the post effect is the same, Why not?, there is no need in the post inside. And some forums have some special questions and answers section, you can also go to help, if you ask you will not be able to use search engines to find out, and then help. This help is not the impression of you on the deeper, and see your signature inside the product information, if he has this need is not to find you?.

soft and the theme of the forum related to

The quality of soft

is very high, but must be the theme of the forum, some don’t have nothing soft, the moderator does not delete your posts who delete posts, even if you do not delete, that no one see.

above is my point of view of the forum to promote some of the views, perhaps there is not correct, but also hope that the master exhibitions.

I know the quality of this article is not so high, ha ha, but it can be regarded as the original! This article by the unknown X Zhong Zhixin original, original address: http://s.weizhishux.com/>

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