How to use social media to maximize marketing effectiveness

review: with alternative social media channels become more and more, the importance of social media management gradually, the impact on small businesses particularly.

no matter how small your company is, you should attach great importance to social media marketing. In October this year, the United States Survey Pugh Research Center released a research, which shows there are 65% adults in the United States are using social media sites, which means that if your company does not have to open the relevant social account, then you’ll lose 2/3 of the American audience of users.

with the choice of social media channels become more and more, the importance of social media management has become increasingly prominent, the impact on small businesses is particularly evident. The author will introduce some tools and tips to help your company effectively manage social media.

1. Design an easy to manage social media strategy

is trying to enter the field of social media marketing, and in each social media channel registered account, first of all to assess their ability, may wish to take a look at the following categories:

how much time per week can be spent on social media management: time is very important, so you need to know what social media should be given priority to, how many channels to manage. Effective social media management means that important work must be given priority, including:

design: the design is very important, you must first home page design can be popular, this is one of the most basic elements; secondly, should you cooperate with designers, optimization of social media content sharing pictures, including the introduction, pictures, etc..

content production: you have to think about what to send, edit what content, when there is promotional information, also need to cooperate with different departments within the company.


contents involved in monitoring and fans to interact online: if you let the user have a negative brand experience, or need to use social media channels to provide the necessary customer service, then according to the actual situation of the allocation of time. Maintain customer engagement, and social media managers should respond to questions.

analysis: analysis and monitoring, including sales analysis, analysis and analysis of fans, participate in customer emotion, the analysis for the optimization of content strategy, and timely adjustment of the corporate social media management strategy is very important.

determine your target audience: if your product for enterprise customers, then you can pay attention to some of the more professional social media sites, such as LinkedIn. If you are mainly for retail customers, then you might want to try Google+, because Google is more interested in their social media, may be helpful for your search engine rankings. In addition, as the domestic popular micro-blog WeChat, foreign Facebook, are the social media channels must be used.

determine what information to deliver: in addition to ascension >

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