Website included weapon soft Wen promotion

yesterday to consult the teacher station network in hadron hadron a few simple questions, teacher advised me to write the soft, previously also wrote several articles, but not persist, yesterday I strengthened with the determination of soft Wen promotion website.

yesterday evening when more than 8 wrote the "six steps" rookie Baidu know promotion articles, then more than and 10 minutes by review and edit dedicated home display, then I have been paying attention to this article included reprint information etc.. I also went to the im286 forum, and a few of my blog.

5 minutes and then I go to the Baidu Google search, that is less than half an hour, Baidu and Google have found Admin5 in this article, it seems the weight of Admin5 in the two search engines is very high, can not go beyond.



After the

published an article in 1.5 hours, also see Baidu included this article my own website, just name or when I start the name, and later changed to stationmaster net editor gave me the title change. Effect has come out, the spider came to my site through admin5.

more interesting things happened, I saw this article has more than a home page in the front row in Baidu, the soft effect is indeed very good, although Ip is not much, but it is easy to let the spider to climb, of course, some pages will be included.


finally summed up, write soft Wen promotion is very important, it is best to own original, the original search engine is very much like. Since the middle of the night codeword, so the structure is not very rigorous, the statement is not smooth, but also hope to forgive me. Conducive to the content of the site included, it is worthy of praise, thanks again to the editors of admin5.




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