2008 China’s top 10 nternet conjecture

, a Qihoo in the acquisition of Kabasiji (China), push the free antivirus software

The difficulty of

implementation: * * *

more than a year ago, Zhou Hongyi made 360 security guards of the mind, perhaps with emotion, perhaps with so little devil, but at least 360 just his sideline, or just a pawn. However, circumstances alter cases, Conditions are becoming better and better. installed capacity of about 30000000, in the face of Zhou Hongyi, can’t be YY.

live playback:

said one day in 2008 at midnight, Zhou Hongyi convened an emergency on account of Qihoo executives before the procedure, is that "how to maximize the 360 this a gilded signboard".

on this issue, Zhou actually advocated, but he did not press the table. They also seem to actually understand at a loss about what to do. Stalemate saw the crowd a fervent, shouted: this world three anti-virus market, Qihoo search tired, lack of China suppliers, only 360 strong, not at this time to take Kabasiji, kill to open a way, when


Zhou Daxi: "for me, and I have VC say, food ready, only you this words". Then, they laugh, laugh.

comment: business is business, the industry and sideline. Frankly speaking, take pride Russians may have some difficulty, for Zhou Hongyi, a compromise from Kabasiji, a second tier European anti-virus software, the kernel is bought, do some localization and can be polished. OEM+ OEM mode, has long been in the order.

The key problem of

is that the week announced "antivirus software should be free," if this is "all talk", the week of free antivirus software and how to make profit? Looking forward to an inspired passage week.

two, Sohu acquired Youku, animal matrix and add a

The difficulty of

implementation: assumes

why do such a prophecy, mainly based on four points: first, the origin of Koo and Sohu; second, with respect to operations and combat, Koo specializes in the operation of the capital level; thirdly, I prospect on the video site judgement, temporarily unable to the birth of a listed company, takeover is a good fourth, the acquisition of Youku will end; the company, Sohu, most likely.

live playback:

2008 one day at noon, Zhang Zhaoyang in the Sohu "Olympic ads sold" celebration cocktail party, after three drinks, shocking news: the Sohu has completed the strategic acquisition of Youku (stock + cash), and announced an open call for a new name in the name of Youku, requirements must take an animal.

Zhang said: Sohu will integrate Youku and its original strong video resources, Youku released after the new name, Sohu will set Chinaren (SOHU), dog (SOGOU), a variety of people

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