Public comment on the mind, as listed in overweight behind the hotel to get married

capital market will never lack the story, I hope as soon as possible separate listing of public comment today in the Zhang Tao team under a high-profile showcase its travel division and division of marriage to the media. After listening to the public comment 5 executives after a lot of people want to ask, why do you suddenly think about the introduction of these two division


Ba found that introduced a predetermined and well-known group purchase business in the market has been a high-profile, haven’t heard of "hotel and wedding" business story, and wanted to separate IPO public comment clearly wants to know more about the market behind the two division of the story.

this, people carefully, some sort of information and ideas for everyone to share.

1, the public comment reorganization BU core is revenue

Current division

we first to sort out what the public comments, Zhang Tao said the public comment from the beginning of September BU to the media, including book division, group purchase business, marriage and the hotel division four business department split, co-founder of public comment, said Li Jing, split division actually the use value of the four division potential future value.

he said the Department has been married for review and create a huge value, the annual profit of more than 100 million yuan, is expected to grow 100% this year, and this is just the deep Shanghai Beijing two scores, obviously, has been involved in the five year of marriage market is already public comment will marry Division as internal cash cow business the.

similar to the public comment hotel division head Yu Jianlin said that at present, has just set up less than half a year, the hotel division has generated revenue, and is continuing to grow. And similar to the book division, buy Division also has its own independent business model, profit nothing more than the flow into, according to the effect of payment, etc.. And

, that is to say, at present four division are quite independent of the receivable system, and Zhang Tao told the Palestinians that the division system also makes the internal decision-making more flat, conducive to the development of the company more quickly, rather than any decision to be docked to the top. And high efficiency will also further broaden the receivables to provide protection.

2, as the market overweight, Zhang Tao’s heart has two template

Zhang Tao has stated on various occasions, public comment will be independent of IPO, while insiders, this year is the best time for public comment listed. That how to tell the story of the capital market, Zhang Tao split in the Division has been thinking about it, it has such two well-known U.S. capital structure template:

one, "scheduled division" VS "OpenTable".

is scheduled to be part of the business division of the four division of the first, on the comments cut line catering business has a vital role. And Zhang Tao played the banner is that we want to do China’s OpenTable, eye Tour

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