Buy behind the Kingdom 4500 domain name set up a new online shopping Pyramid

today China Internet Information Center CNNIC survey report released Internet twenty-eighth hot data, reported that the first half of 2011, the use of business application rate has been growing steadily, group purchase application growth rate reached 125%, and according to that platform statistics, as of May the end of the domestic group purchase site about 4500, only in May 262 new group purchase website a domain name,.Com is still the group purchase website of choice, CN domain name list ranks the second. Thus, the market application of multi domain group purchase group purchase, domain name is still active.

below, we through the April statistics and collate the data to focus on the development of the market to buy the next group, through these buy site rankings simple understanding, these buy site domain name situation.


figure 1:4 months to buy the average number of daily coverage ranked

is shown in Figure 1, in the group purchase network daily coverage of access to Taobao, Juhuasuan two level domain visits the highest ranked first, second is lashou Larry domain, ranked third in the same is Larry domain meituan, from the picture to understand, in addition to the two level domain name, there are other types of domain name. Such as the Wo Wo Group domain name to 2 million 365 thousand days the number of independent access ranked seventh, Wo Wo Group also recently bought $10 in digital domain name, website ranking, Pinyin domain name accounted for 3, two level domain accounted for 4, digital + Pinyin type accounted for 2, a domain name English Groupon Pinyin domain names and two domain names for each market.


Figure 2: monthly visit to buy site ranking

from the daily average toward the overall point of view, basically unchanged in the monthly on the top 10 group purchase website, from Figure 2, the most noteworthy is Wo Wo Group to 8849 monthly visits up 3 places to fourth, QQ group purchase domain two relegated to fifth place, and in the daily visits seventh glutinous rice network domain, the rise in total monthly visits to the list, ranked sixth. In addition, the 58 group purchase domain pushed down the list, manzuo Larry domain occupies the position, ranked tenth, visible, strong phonetic domain "fighting", the winner of the two level domain name.


Figure 3: access to a single conversion rate ranked

group purchase consumption very popular in China, many netizens are very keen on this way of shopping, group purchase from April network access to the single conversion rate ranked on the list of these simple attention, group purchase network domain name. Due to

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